Doigs (Doegs)

Ceramic Age/Pre Columbian


Situated on a gently sloping plain, a half of a kilometer from the sea, this early Ceramic Age (Saladoid) site on the south coast of Antigua, has been dated to about 250 AD. As it is the last undisturbed “Arawak” site on Antigua , it is now the focus of archaeological research. The area of the pre-Columbian settlement at Doig's is bordered by steep hills and a pristine white sand beach. A seasonal stream and the ruins of the early eighteenth century sugar estate are in close proximity to the site. The ruins of these historical period structures have not impacted the prehistoric site but added another dimension and enhanced the archaeology. Archaeology at the site is being conducted by Ph.D. candidate Christy de Mille of the University of Calgary, Department of Archaeology, with the assistance of the research department of the National Parks, Antigua.

Artifacts uncovered, include numerous beads and pendants of various minerals and stones, such as carnelian and barites, along with evidence of manufacturing, worked shell tools and ornaments, and excellent examples of ceramics typical of the Saladoid peoples and culture.


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