Early Ceramic Age (Saladoid)

The site of Elliot's is situated about 1 mile inland, along the Ayre's Creek watercourse that drains into Nonsuch Bay. No post-Saladoid artifacts have been found at this site, several Archaic Age macro-blades have. The area of prehistoric settlement (approx. 300 meters by 400 meters) is being cultivated and with each plowing episode, new artifacts are churned to the surface. The farming activities are clearly destroying large portions of the site. However, a large volume of artifacts are collected between plowing episodes. Excavations on the site was conducted in 1997 and 2003 in both inside and outside of the plowed fields.

Elliot's (PH-03) has yielded a large amount of exotic artifacts. These include, stone zemis, shell beads and pendants, adornos, carved shell ornaments and tools, jadeite axes, nephrite frogs, and a significant amount of ceramic and lithic artifacts.


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